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Using Linear Regression to predict Diamond Prices

Posted by Diego em Novembro 10, 2014


This post is a follow up on the “Statistical Regression Models Examples” lecture from the Coursera Data Science Specialization from the Johns Hopkins University.
I wrote it as I was attempting to understand this particular lesson.

The idea is to use linear regression to predict the price of diamonds on the “diamonds” dataset from the UsingR library which is a data set on 48 diamond rings containing price in Singapore dollars and size of diamond in carats.







using ggplot2:

> g = ggplot(diamond, aes (x= carat, y=price))
> g= g + geom_point(size = 6, colour = "black", alpha =0.2)
> g= g + geom_point(size = 5, colour = "blue", alpha =0.2)
> g= g + geom_smooth(method = "lm", colour="black")

Create the linear regression:



(Intercept)       carat 
  -259.6259   3721.0249 


·         That means the linear regression function is:

o   y = 3721x – 259.63

·         In other words:

o   We estimate an expected 3721.02 (SIN) dollar increase in price for every carat increase in mass of diamond.

o   The intercept ­259.63 is the expected price of a 0 carat diamond.


Getting a more interpretable intercept:


In order to get a more meaningful result, we center the “carat” variable:


> fit2<-lm(price~I(carat-mean(carat)),data=diamond)
> coef(fit2)
           (Intercept) I(carat - mean(carat)) 
500.833            3721.0249 


That means that $500.1 is the expected price for the average sized diamond of the data (0.2042 carats). We can verify that by substituting 0.2042 on the first function, we get 500:

o   3721 * 0.2042 – 259.63 = 500.1








Predicting the price of a diamond

In order to predict the value of a diamond, we can just substitute the value we want on the linear regression formula:



Or we can use R’s predict function:






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