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SSRS – Execution Log

Posted by Diego em Março 26, 2013

Few details on the SSRS Execution log table and views

1)      Log Table: ExecutionLogStorage: Contains the raw log data. Should use one of the views that sits on top of the table.


2)      Views:

·        dbo.ExecutionLog:  for backwards compatibility

·        dbo.ExecutionLog2:  for SQL Server 2008

·        dbo.ExecutionLog3:  for SQL Server 2008 R2  (same as ExecutionLog2, with 2 fields renamed:  ReportPath is now ItemPath, and ReportAction is now ItemAction)


3)      Main Columns:

a.     Request Type
0:  Interactive
1:  Subscription
2:  Refresh Cache

b.    Report Action

        1:  Render
2:  Bookmark Navigation
3:  Document Map Navigation
4:  Drill Through
5:  Find String
6:  Get Document Map
7:  Toggle
8:  Sort
9:  Execute


c.     Source

      1:  Live
2:  Cache
3:  Snapshot
4:  History
5:  Ad Hoc (i.e., Report Builder) 
6:  Session (i.e., another request within existing session) 
7:  RDCE (i.e., Report Definition Customization Extension)


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