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Posted by Diego em Setembro 12, 2012

So, I went to Edinburgh this weekend and one thing I usually do when I’m travelling is to create a small script of the things I want to do, with maps and addresses, so I’m not lost on the place and make a better use of the time. I’ve done this a couple of times but after I travel, I just throw it out, which is a shame. I decided to spend a couple of hours and publish this so other people can take a look and maybe use it for its behalf. I hope someone will make an use of of it.


Day 1  (Saturday)

Arrived around 9:00 AM, took the city link to the city center, it costs £3,5 and it drops you at the Waverley bridge, couldn’t be better located. Had to wait until 13:00 to check in at the hostel. In the mean time I decided to try the Scottish Breakfast. The only difference from an Irish Breakfast is pretty much that you pay in pounds, not euros, because it is almost the same thing, a lot of fat and unhealthy stuff, BUT wait a second, what’s that? A TOMATO!!!! Healthy food among the junk, so I should be fine:




After checking in, I went to visit the Edinburgh Dungeon ( Thought it was OK at best to be honest, not sure if that’s because I’ve already been to the Amsterdam and to the London ones and the acts are 50% the same. The “free fall” where they drop you from a couple of meters high is totally worth, though.


After that, I went to the “Camera Obscura and world of illusion” ( It is in front of the castle and you can’t miss it. Really nice, totally recommend it. It’s 6 floors of illusionary stuff, mirrors, cameras, weird paintings and you can have a very nice view of the city from the rooftop: 



You can also check how you would look as a baby, very old or if you were a chimp. This is me as a chimp:



By the time I left, I only had time to a quick Lunch (Subway) and at 5:30 I did a tour with Cadies & Witchery Tours ( which started in front of the Camera Obscura. It was a nice tour, I learned a lot about Edinburgh’s history and it is funny, with characters and some sort of role playing. It cost around £10and you also get a book, didn’t read it yet, but I will.

The tour finished at 8:00 and then I literally ran to the “Bank Bar” at the High Street to catch the Pub Crawl ( Real nice, it costs a few pounds and they take you to like 8 pubs and pay you a drink on each of them. And also you get a wrist band which gives you discount on the drinks.


Day 2 (Sunday)


Woke up early (despite the head ache) to do the 11:00 free walking tour from the same organizers of the pub crawl ( This was simply amazing. I mean, I’m not getting paid to write this, but I have to because it was a real nice experience. It’s a 3 hours walking tour and they take you to several places and tell very good histories.

For the harry Potter fan’s for example, they show you the window were the woman who wrote the book (not going to bother searching her name) sat day after day while writing it: 



And from there you can see the building that supposedly inspired her to create Hogwarts (without the van parked in front, of course):


clip_image010       File:Hog2warts.jpg

After the tour, it was around 2 when I went to the Edinburgh castle. Unnecessary to say that each pound spent was worth it (it costs 19 with the audio guide if I’m not wrong). The castle is just amazing, can’t even describe it, it’s a MUST GO. And you should save 3-4 hours to see it all. I also bought Sir. William Wallace as a souvenir. He is joining the black Templar on my world-domination army. 



The tour finishes on the Princes Gardens, which is also a must-see.


I also took a quick walk to the Palace of Holyroodhouse, which is in the end of the Royal Mile, but did not get to enter.


At 6:00PM I went to The Scotch Whisky Experience. Took the Platinum tour (£26), where besides the visit there is a degustation. Very important tip here, if you “accidentally” drink all your whisky when you were not supposed to, they will gladly refill your glass Alegre (not sure how many time, though). In there, you can also check the largest Whisky collection in the world, which by the way, was assembled by a brazilin guy and then he sold it. This place is a typical example to the Brazilian expression “Ohhhhh la em casa” (the picture below is like, 10% of the collection).



You also get a official degustation glass (which is not the square one), a map of all distilleries in Scotland and a miniature bottle of whisky.


At 9:00 I went to a ghost walk, from the same organizers from the pub crawl (check the link above). NOW, this was PROPPERLY a ghost walk. It starts at 9:00 (so it was already dark) and the guide takes you to places like cemeteries where you’ll enter a mausoleum and a very high hill were, in the old times, pagan rituals were performed. In all of these places he will tell you stories about thing that used to happened on them.  A few pictures to imagine what it is about. It is not exactly scary, but I doubt anyone would to the path ALONE.




Day 3 (Monday)


On the third day, I actually didn’t do much. Spent the morning on the National Museum of Scotland. Entry is free and there are loads of cool things to see, especially for kids.

In the afternoon I went to a shopping near the center and just enjoyed the place a little more before heading back to the airport.

This is a city which is impossible not to fall in love with:





Here, a couple of maps to help the localization

The Edinburgh Dungeon

31 Market Street, Edinburgh EHI IQB, Scotland


Edinburgh Castle


Camera Obscura and World of Illusions

Castlehill, Edinburgh EH1 2 ND, Scotland



Cadies & Witchery Tours

84 West Bow (Victoria Street), Edinburgh EH1 2HH, Scotland



The Scotch Whisky Experience

354 Castlehill | The Royal Mile, Edinburgh EH1 2NE, Scotland



Palace of Holyroodhouse

Canongate, Edinburgh EH8 8DX, Scotland



National Museum of Scotland

Chambers Street, Edinburgh EH1 1JF, Scotland (the A in the picture)


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  1. Ismael Bondan de Mesquita said

    qro ir pra edinburgh soh pra conhecer o castelo do harry potter! hahaha

  2. Samael said

    Você realmente nos poupou o trabalho de criar um roteiro para conhecer a terra do Tio Patinhas. 😀

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