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Entry Hall

Welcome to my blog. I intend to use this place as a knowledge repository, where I can keep track of thing I’ve done\discovered in case I need them again.
Feel free to use anything you find but please note I cannot be held responsible in case something goes wrong as a result of what you read here (so buyers beware).

Here are some of the subjects that I’m interested in I’ll probably be posting about:




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Summary of the latest posts: 

21/02/2018 – Resizing EBS Volumes on Unix EC2 Instances
01/11/2017 – Installing tensorflow with GPU support on windows
21/06/2017 – Installing awscli on Cygwin
31/05/2017 – Using Spyder with the interpreter set by conda environment
05/04/2017 – Easiest way to install xgboost on windows (download binaries – no need to compile )
19/02/2017 – Scripting body and signature of Functions (Actian Matrix \ Redshift)
25/11/2016 – How to move a VM file to another location
19/09/2016 – How to connect to PostgreSQL running on an Ubuntu VM
08/08/2016 – TensorFlow working on an Ubuntu virtual Machine
14/06/2016 – How to install PyGame using Anaconda
26/02/2016 – Docker Containers on Windows
29/10/2015 – Dynamic Parameters on Tableau
24/09/2015 – The Poisson distribution
18/08/2015 – Principal Component Analysis
31/07/2015 – How to measure table space on disk in ParAccel
29/07/2015 – Twitter Data Analysis
15/04/2015 – Understanding Association Rules
07/04/2015 – Using Powershell to capture user’s pictures
03/02/2015 – Using Matrix Multiplication to calculate the Intercept and the Slope
22/01/2015 – List user’s Privileges on Actian Matrix
15/01/2015 – Tableau and R Integration
15/01/2015 – The Binomial Distribution
13/01/2015 – Shiny
11/12/2014 – Basic Statistical Functions in R
03/12/2014 – Basic R
18/11/2014 – Regression Line and confidence interval
12/11/2014 – T–Test for regression Coefficients
11/11/2014 – Residuals and R square
10/11/2014 – Linear Regression Function – using R
10/11/2014 – Using Linear Regression to predict Diamond Prices
06/11/2014 – Centring the random variables and Scaling and Normalizing the data
04/11/2014 – Intercept, Slope and the Linear Regression Function
04/11/2014 – Covariance and Correlation
14/10/2014 – Git 101
30/09/2014 – How to point a Tableau dashboard to an excel file on a share location
09/09/2014 – How to write to a table that you don’t have permissions (Actin Matrix)
08/07/2014 – Identifying Watermarks problems on Paraccel (Actian Matrix)
03/07/2014 – Serializable isolation violation on paraccel(Actian Matrix)
24/06/2014 – Paraccel (Actian Matrix) security
08/05/2014 – A Very Short History of Data Science
06/05/2014 – Has function privilege automation
25/02/2014 – Tableau driver problem querying SQL 2012
27/12/2013 – loop on PSQL
20/09/2013 – DQS Error after CU Upgrade
13/08/2013 – Persisting a view by creating a clustered index
06/08/2013 – Inserting Data through views
17/07/2013 – Fuzzy Similarity
05/06/2013 – SQL Server 2012 – How To change a Analysis Service Instance Type (2)
14/05/2013 – MDS version validation issue
27/04/2013 – MDS Error
27/03/2013 – SSAS 2012 Instance Type


2 Respostas to “Entry Hall”

  1. I’m really loving the theme/design of your weblog. Do you ever run into any internet browser compatibility issues? A couple of my blog readers have complained about my website not working correctly in Explorer but looks great in Firefox. Do you have any ideas to help fix this issue?

    • Diego said

      hey, thanks!
      no, not really, didn’t realize anything at least.
      Sorry I couldn’t help you =/

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